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What is your extra mile?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered what "going the extra mile" really means? I have personally heard this expression many times, but never really managed to fully grasp its meaning (at least the meaning I decided to give it) until I had that "AHA" moment. Yes, it was just a moment, but quite an intense one, when I decided that I needed to get back in control (somebody I know would laugh at this expression :-S ) - and that I couldn't just let events and life happening around me dictate who I was going to be. I decided I was going to be "even more" me and less that idealistic projection - of the perfect man, professional, partner, son, brother, friend... you name it - that funnily enough I so hardly fought for building over the past 3 decades. I was going to question everything, out of the blue, right then, in that moment.

And I did it. I had to step out of the comfort zone where I was surrounded by many others like me, all young professionals in their roaring years all hungry and eager to fight for the hierarchy ladder at any cost, no matter what. I was going to join a new "community", sometimes quite a lonely, but colorful one.

My extra mile was the effort of leaving that mental framework behind me, respectfully ignoring what I thought others expected me to deliver on. My extra mile was the freedom of allowing myself to make mistakes, the freedom of "sacrificing" my weekends to study for a new master abroad, the freedom to nurture my passions (or the newly discovered ones) and to acknowledge that day by day I was somehow becoming "even more me".

My extra mile will be to keep finding myself "even more" in the things I do. It's too easy to get somehow stuck in an image of ourselves that might not fully paint our portrait. What is your extra mile?



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