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Hi, this is Danny :-)


I'm a passionate Self-leadership Coach

because I believe that coaching can bring out our personal talents and help us discover the best version of ourselves.

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I'm an Emotional Intelligence Assessor

because I believe that our feelings are the propellers that will move us towards our goals: understanding them and learning how to channel them will make us more effective and happier :-)

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I'm a Voice Dialogue Facilitator

because my mission is to foster the discovery of our inner selves as inexhaustible engines of energy.

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I am a true believer that the constant development of our own Emotional Intelligence can make the world a better place and I'm also certain that the opportunities we get in life are also those that we allow ourselves to have.

These believes together with the need of doing my share to live in a more welcoming world, pushed me to start developing the Coach in me.

Over the past 4 years I have been enjoying supporting my coachees in their discovery process and helping them see the unique qualities that make them shine.

Creativity, curiosity and can do attitude are always present in each and every coaching path I take, and they never stop amazing me.

Lately I have been exploring also the Voice Dialogue facilitation technique as a powerful tool to unleash our internal resources and use them purposefully in order to allow us to achieve our goals.

My mission is to foster the discovery of our selves as inexhaustible engines of energy. I believe that Coaching can bring out our personal talents and help us discover the best version of ourselves.

But there is more to that.

Behind me I have a decade of business experience, having held managerial roles in the marketing area of a few multinational consumer goods companies in Europe.

The leitmotiv of my personal and professional background has always been the constant research of eye-opening insights to turn into opportunities as well as the quest for challenges that could allow me to grow and overcome my boundaries. 

I was also the co-founder of small online businesses in the field of e-commerce and the teaching of foreign languages.

Intuition, sensitivity, active listening mixed up with a good dose of pragmatism is what I have to offer you.

I will walk with you in your personal discovery path and support you along the way with creativity and positive challenges.

And you, are you ready to start your journey?


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