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What is the key to a happy life?

The “keys” are inside ourselves, sometimes it is just a matter of pushing the right ones together at the same time. How do we do it? I believe it is a matter of letting us go to our true desires. What we really want is deeply rooted in our values, our ultimate and undeniable identity. Negating or suffocating our desires will end up into a crisis of the self being forced to accept a sub-optimal reality, not the one he/she wished for. This is the moment when we feel trapped, not in control, simply not happy. Does this mean that we should let ourselves go and do whatever we want regardless of any consequences? Well, if we could really do that every time, it would definitely be a nice option to have. However, what I believe we could definitely do everyday is finding our true purpose in the things that we do, our inner motive that satisfies the values we believe in. If we are struggling to find it... well we should ask ourselves whose life are we living. Probably not the one we signed up for.

And you? Are you happy?

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