It’s ok to feel your feelings

For as much as we might try to hide them, our true colors at some point will prevail and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. So what about embracing our emotional rainbow and make the most out of it? Emotions are the propellers towards our goals, the colors in our life. They move us, they help us take decisions… although sometimes arguably not the best ones if not balanced out with rationale. How many well-educated and skilled managers do we know that despite their CV tend to freeze when it comes to making a decision? Well, unfortunately way too many… and it seems to be a common trend driven by the fact that they have learned to “keep emotions outside of business”. They have learned this lesson so well over the years, that now they seem to have dried out the fuel keeping their inner fire going, their emotional self.

Without emotions, we are limiting the potential of our decisions as we are only taking into considerations what we believe are “objective facts and figures”, without considering the emotional impact these might have on humans, which will then have consequences that might go beyond a predictable analytical model.

So, instead