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How does your mask look like?

Masks can be fancy accessories, yet quite deceiving ones.

We all focus on their outer look, how pretty or scary they appear, but we all seem to forget that all masks have a double face, the one that we cannot see when they’re worn.

Usually the reverse of a mask is not very attractive, it comes in a plain color with basic finishing and it pretty much serves the “only” purpose of housing our face. Somehow we tend to neglect this hidden face, simply because others can’t see it, but ourselves in the moment we put the mask on, as if the mask is meant to be pretty for others and not so much for our liking.

When we wear a mask, others will base their judgement on our appearance by what is visible to them, the look of our mask. This knowledge somehow makes us feel protected as our true face is hidden, safe from everyone’s judgement.

“Putting on a mask” is now a common expression to reflect the different roles we embody everyday to feel like we fit-in in a certain social environment, as if to truly fit-in we would need to be somehow different than our true selves.

The debate on this topic is quite intense, also because one might also argue that in reality we are not putting on a mask, but rather just showing different aspects of our personality in different contexts as we see a more appropriate fit, thus putting out there our true selves and letting them shine and expressing themselves to the fullest, but on the appropriate set.

How does your mask look like?

I’d love to hear your comments.



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