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Can you see the world?

“Being on top of things” in the common business language means knowing everything about a project from the inside out. A person that is “on top of things” is a trustworthy colleague, because he or she can prevent any risk and save the day whenever an issue occurs.

Have you ever applied the same concept to your private life? How many times have you tried to be on top of things to prevent risks to then save the day? How often has this worked out?

In my case, I will admit suffering from the “savior” syndrome and I must confess this hasn’t always led me to great achievements.


Well, it took me a while to finally grasp it, but what I can say is that believing to be able to save anyone from their problems or trying to foresee all possible scenarios in my view is primarily a matter of arrogance, disguised as a good Samaritan. In this case, we might be climbing the mountain so the world can see how good we are at it.

The underlying “limiting” thought in this condition is that we are on top of things, but in fact we might be overlooking a huge portion of reality, because we simply think that we know it all, or at least we might know what is best.

So, instead of closing our perspective by thinking that we already hold the truth, why don’t we focus our energy into probing what we think is right and look for new ways of opening up our horizon and finally climb the mountain so that we can see the world?

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