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I consider myself a Self-leadership Coach

because my focus is to help people take ownership and full control of their thoughts, feelings and actions in order to direct them towards their goals

this is what we can work on together


Do you feel like sometimes communication issues represent obstacles in your relationships?
Would you like to find ways to be more effective in your work or private relationships? 
There is a very high chance that we can work this out through the development of your emotional intelligence.


Are you looking to improve your leadership and managerial skills while bringing home the results that you wished for? Having worked for 12+ years in global FMCG companies I am very familiar with the daily struggles of high paced working environments. At the same time, being also a small digital entrepreneur myself, I am aware of the key challenges one might face when trying to transform a dream into a money making reality.

Are you struggling to find a balance between private life and work? Are you juggling many things at the same time and having a hard time setting priorities? As a consequence have you ever experienced emotional distress? Don't worry, this happens more often than one might think! For this reason I'll be here to help you define your priorities and challenge you to make sure that these are routed in your deepest values.


Have you been asking yourself some very deep question lately, but have been struggling to find the answers? Are you willing to dig deeper to find your passions, your uniqueness  and maybe even your true purpose in life?
If you are also willing to question those automatisms that might trap you in patterns that get you stuck in a loop, then I would encourage you to embark on a journey that will allow you to unleash your internal resources while working on your emotional intelligence.

Are you part of a minority and facing issues integrating? Is diversity a hot topic in your life?
Are you part of the LGBTQIA+ community and need support from a Coach that understands your struggles? 
I'll be here to embrace your uniqueness and help you let it shine :-)


Being an expat myself I am very familiar with the daily struggles this living condition might bring. In the past 7 years I have moved 4 times in 3 different countries, changed 5 apartments and last but not least I had to make huge efforts to make new friends and establish meaningful connections. As a Coach I can support you while you go across this journey by offering my services in English and Italian.

which tools we will be using


The creative process of amplifying the spectrum of possible options


Let's learn how to be smarter with our feelings and more in control of our behavioral patterns


Let's give a voice to those parts of ourselves that can play a crucial role right now

Whether you are looking to scale up your business, 

improve your relationships or finding your true purpose in life, listening to your emotions and channeling them towards your noble goal might help you see things more clearly.


Behind me I have a decade of business experience, having held managerial roles in the marketing area of several multinational consumer goods companies in Italy and abroad. I am also the co-founder of small online businesses in the field of e-commerce and the teaching of foreign languages.

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